APK Downloader: Save APK files to PC

APK Downloader

Due to unlimited availability of Android apps in the play store, Android still finds its charm in the market despite of existence of leading Smartphone’s in the market. You may find number of apps for every use and that to for free of cost. But due to low internet bandwidth or low internet speed, many [...]

Android Password Managers to Secure your Password

aWallet Password Manager

Firstly we all are irritated with our day to day busy life in which we need to remember several important things irrespective of the age. Remembering the long and complicated passwords can be really be a problem for us when the password is kept for your websites, credit cards or any such important stuffs where [...]

Remotely Wipe all data from lost Android Phone

android data wipe

This article introduces Remote Data Wipe technology which is crucial for data security measures and which is must have in the current hand-held devices. It’s bad enough that when your phone is lost or stolen, but with all that we keep on our devices today, the worse thing you want is important data getting into [...]

Building Your Own Apps using HTML5

Building Your Own Apps

Building your own apps for tablets and Smartphone is no more meant only for the professionals. The developers need not be professional and perfect in programming languages to make their own apps, but building an app is also not easy or possible without any kind of programming knowledge also. The programmers should have at least [...]

Doogee Dagger DG550 Review and Specifications

Doogee Dagger DG550

Doogee Dagger DG550 another android phone unveiled by the Chinese phone maker Doogee. A few months ago this company started the production of smartphones aiming at the international customers in the market. Now this company has made its mark in the international market by launching the most affordable android phones across the globe. The company [...]